50+ Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

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All of the fun Halloween food ideas you need for kids in one spot– from appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks to main dishes and desserts, grab all the easy recipes to create one spectacular Halloween bash!

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I have to admit– I never thought much about Halloween until we had kids. Our first son was only 4 months old when his first Halloween rolled around, but the following year, he was ALL ABOUT the trick-or-treating and Halloween talk has not stopped since.

We have totally become that family who plays Halloween music year round, ask when Halloween season is starting again basically as soon as Thanksgiving hits, and don’t forget, we were making Halloween cookies out of gingerbread cookie dough in January (thank you, Halloween cookie cutter collection!).

I’ve rounded up some easy Halloween food ideas that you can make with your kids, that kids can make completely on their own, and some that will require a little more help from an adult, but will still appeal to your little ghouls and kids of all ages.


Whether you’re looking to start off a meal on a spooky foot or just want to add a little flair to your Halloween meal, this is the place to start!

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spider web deviled eggs

Spider Web Deviled Eggs

Looking for healthy Halloween snacks? These spooky spiders use black olives and are a great addition to your list of Halloween dinner ideas. (GET THE RECIPE)

A picture of a hand holding a Halloween pumpkin deviled egg.

Halloween Deviled Eggs

The easiest appetizer you can make that doubles as Halloween-themed. You can make them for Thanksgiving, too! (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween apple nachos

Halloween Apple Nachos

Customize these fun holiday “nachos” with your favorite toppings. Add sprinkles, gummy worms, candy corn, or eyeball candies for a spooky snack. (GET THE RECIPE)

apple monster mouths

Monster Mouths

All you need are apples, strawberry jam, nut butter, and almonds or sunflower seeds for this simple and healthier Halloween treat. (GET THE RECIPE)


Making a meal out of your Halloween celebration? Whether you want to start or finish your day with a spooky spectacle, this is the place to be! Plus, we always like to make sure the kids have a decent dinner before trick-or-treating, so find your most excellent Halloween dinner here!

halloween pancakes

Halloween Pancakes

This breakfast is so much fun! Top pancakes with strawberry sauce for a truly fun treat at Halloween breakfast. (GET THE RECIPE)

cinnamon roll intestines

Halloween Cinnamon Roll Intestines

A fun breakfast to spook the kids! Made with refrigerated cinnamon rolls, these fake intestines are quick and easy and are sure to bring a scare. (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween vampire donuts

Halloween Vampire Donuts

Fight away the monsters by biting into a vampire halloween donut before it bites you! These spooky Halloween themed treats are incredibly easy to make and take hardly any time at all! What makes them even cooler is that after the donuts are gone, you still have the vampire teeth to play with. (GET THE RECIPE)

cinnamon roll mummies on a baking sheet

Mummy Cinnamon Rolls

These spooky cinnamon rolls start with a pre-made cinnamon roll dough, but you can make yours from scratch if you prefer. Such an easy way to make breakfast fun for the kiddos! (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween spider donuts

Halloween Spider Donuts

Start with packaged mini donuts, then add pretzels, chocolate, and googly eyes for this fun Halloween breakfast or Halloween snack time. (GET THE RECIPE)

mummy hot dogs

Mummy Hot Dogs

Talk about cute Halloween food ideas, those little arms and legs are adorable! You only need 2 ingredients for these meaty mummies. (GET THE RECIPE)

hot dog spaghetti spiders

Hot Dog Spaghetti Spiders

Kids will love this dish for their Halloween dinner! Simply thread spaghetti through hot dogs, cook and serve tossed with butter and Parmesan cheese, marinara sauce or just ketchup. (GET THE RECIPE)

mini mummy hot dogs

Mini Mummy Hot Dogs

Perfect as a Halloween snack or dinner, these itty bitty mummies are so much fun! (GET THE RECIPE)

mini spider pizzas

Mini Spider Pizzas

These mini spider pizzas are a fun and festive dinner to make for Halloween! Kids will love helping make the black olive “spiders.” (GET THE RECIPE)

mini ghost pizzas

Mini Ghost Pizzas

Pizza is a classic go-to option on Halloween. But who said it had to be delivered? This Halloween, get in the kitchen with the little ones and make this simple festive food. (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween baked quesadillas

Halloween Baked Quesadillas

These baked quesadillas are so easy to make and are an adorably perfect Halloween lunch or dinner. (GET THE RECIPE)

peanut butter and jelly spider sandwiches

Peanut Butter & Jelly Spider Sandwiches

Use this one as an easy snack or a great way to LUNCH on October 31st. (GET THE RECIPE)

monster sloppy joes

Monster Sloppy Joes

Monster sloppy Joes turn a weeknight meal into a sloppy monster masterpiece. Easy to make for a crowd and budget friendly to boot. (GET THE RECIPE)

spider gut pasta for halloween

The Smashed Spider

Both kids and grown ups will go bonkers for this FUN version of pumpkin cauliflower alfredo. Appropriately nicknamed The Smashed Spider, this pasta is all about healthy veggies and power packed super foods. (GET THE RECIPE)

mummy meatballs

Mummy Meatballs

This spooky recipe is incredibly easy to make and a great meal to serve up for Halloween! Mummy meatballs make a great dinner pasta topper or party appetizer. (GET THE RECIPE)


Fun drinks the whole family can enjoy! We’ve got hot ones and cold ones here, so choose your “poison” and CHEERS to the spooks!

frozen whipped zombie brain drink

Zombie Brain Drink

This frozen drink is sure to be a hit at your Halloween parties! Add a crazy straw and you’re all set. (GET THE RECIPE)

candy corn hot cocoa bombs

Candy Corn Hot Cocoa Bombs

Kids LOVE hot cocoa bombs! And you’ll love how easy these ones are to make and they bring lots of fun to you Halloween party food ideas. (GET THE RECIPE)

witches brew hot chocolate

Green Witches Brew Hot Chocolate

This Halloween hot chocolate is a non-alcoholic hot drink that’s fun, easy, and quick to make, with white hot chocolate, green whipped cream, gummy worms, green marshmallows, and candy eyes. (GET THE RECIPE)

purple witches brew hot chocolate

Purple Witches Brew Hot Chocolate

Delicious homemade hot chocolate recipe that is turned into a festive Halloween drink! This hot chocolate is colored purple and topped with whipped cream, gummy worms, candy eyes, and sprinkles for a creepy, fun beverage the kids will love! (GET THE RECIPE)

melting monster halloween punch

Melting Monster Halloween Punch

This non-alcoholic punch caters to kids and adults! Made with three simple ingredients, this lemon-lime mocktail is the perfect beverage for any Halloween gathering. (GET THE RECIPE)


This section is for all the Halloween partying! Scratch treats, treats made from pre-made foods– they’re all here and ready for your EPIC Halloween dessert spread.

graveyard pudding cup with a skeleton sitting on it

Graveyard Pudding Cups

Turn pre-made pudding cups and cookies into cute no-bake Halloween treats fit for any ghost, ghoul, or zombie. Great for kids to make and eat and perfect for your Halloween party spread! (GET THE RECIPE)

A plastic skeleton sitting on top homemade candies.

Cream Cheese Mints

Tint these easy cream cheese mints any color you’d like to match your Halloween themed snack spread. The kids like helping to make this one, too! (GET THE RECIPE)

sally stitches sugar cookies on a plate with jack skellington cookies

Jack & Sally Sugar Cookies

You only need ONE no-chill cookie dough to make both of these adorable Jack and Sally sugar cookies. (GET THE RECIPE)

How To Make Mummy Brownies: Turn ordinary from-scratch brownies into a seasonally spooky treat! With white chocolate and candy eyeballs, you'll be the most popular monster at the mash!

Mummy Brownies

Turn ordinary from-scratch brownies into a seasonally spooky treat! With white chocolate and candy eyeballs, you’ll be the most popular monster at the mash! (GET THE RECIPE)

witch finger pretzels on a spider web plate

Witch Finger Pretzels

A simple and charming no-bake Halloween treat that looks like witches’ fingers and is fun for kids to both make and eat. Great for Halloween goodie bags or a party spread. (GET THE RECIPE)

jack skellington rice krisipies treats

Jack Skellington Rice Krispies Treats

Crisp rice cereal treats coated in white chocolate with fun Jack features! These are an easy and fun treat to make for Halloween. (GET THE RECIPE)

frankenstein rice krispies treats

Frankenstein Rice Krispies Treats

These Halloween Frankenstein Rice Krispies treats are easy to make and so fun to eat! Everyone from kids to adults will have fun decorating and eating these Halloween treats.(GET THE RECIPE)

halloween cakesicles

Halloween Cakesicles

These Halloween Frankenstein Rice Krispies treats are easy to make and so fun to eat! Everyone from kids to adults will have fun decorating and eating these Halloween treats.(GET THE RECIPE)

mummy oreo cookie pops

Mummy Oreo Cookie Pops

Double dipped mummy Oreo cookie pops are a fun and easy Halloween treat. No baking required! (GET THE RECIPE)

no bake halloween bat cookies

No Bake Halloween Bat Cookies

Even little kids can make these cookies themselves, after parents make a few simple cuts to pre-made cookies. (GET THE RECIPE)

candy corn fruit parfaits

Candy Corn Fruit Parfaits

Turn the sugary goodness of candy corn into a delicious fruit parfait the kids will love! (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween s'mores pops

S’mores Pops

Let the kids add their favorite Halloween sprinkles to these easy s’mores on a stick. (GET THE RECIPE)

pumpkin orange gummies

Orange Pumpkin Gummies

Made from orange juice, this 3 ingredient gummy recipe for orange pumpkin treats are perfect for Halloween parties or just as a fun, healthier alternative to candy. (GET THE RECIPE)

ding dong bats

Ding Dong Bats

These Ding Dong bats use pre-made cakes and Oreos to make an easy last-minute treat. (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween popcorn balls

Halloween Popcorn Balls

These Ding Dong bats use pre-made cakes and Oreos to make an easy last-minute treat. (GET THE RECIPE)

monster munch popcorn mix

Monster Munch Popcorn Mix

This easy idea for a hand-out goodie bag is the perfect sweet and salty treat. Don’t miss the cute printable labels! (GET THE RECIPE)

monster cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes

These monster cupcakes are as cute as can be and are perfect for Halloween! Decorate in a variety of colors or pick your favorite color. (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween spiders

Monster Munch Popcorn Mix

A fun, kid-friendly Halloween recipe that you don’t want to miss! These Halloween chocolate spiders require only 2 ingredients and are made in minutes. No oven cooking required. (GET THE RECIPE)

witch hat cookies

Witch Hat Cookies

Great for a kids party, turn this treat into a craft! You just need homemade chocolate cookies, buttercream frosting, and Hershey’s Kisses. (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween funfetti cookies

Halloween Funfetti Cookies

These confetti cookies, made seasonal by way of spooky sprinkles in place of traditional rainbow ones, are perfect for sharing at your Halloween party table. (GET THE RECIPE)

peanut butter mummy cookies

Peanut Butter Mummy Cookies

Kids can help bake and decorate these mummy cookies because it’s a very easy recipe. Perfect as an edible Halloween gifts. (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween graham crackers

Spooky Graham Crackers

These chocolate covered grahams are more likely to cause smiles than screams. These easy Halloween treats are so much fun to make with just melted chocolate, candy eyes, and sprinkles! (GET THE RECIPE)

oreo spider cookies

Oreo Spiders

I love easy Halloween treats, and these cookies fit the bill perfectly! (GET THE RECIPE)

mummy rice krispies treats

Mummy Rice Krispies Treats

A fun and easy-to-make Halloween treat for the kids. This recipe uses pre-made Rice Krispies Treats to make it easier but you can make your Rice Krispies Treats from scratch if you prefer. (GET THE RECIPE)

rice krispies treats haunted house

Rice Krispies Treat Haunted House

This Rice Krispies Treat Haunted House is fun to make, requires no baking, and is so much fun for kids to decorate!  (GET THE RECIPE)

witch finger cookies

Witch Finger Cookies

Use jam in place of food coloring for “blood” in these gory Halloween cookies. They’re always a hit with kids! (GET THE RECIPE)

rice krispies pumpkins

Rice Krispies Pumpkins

Make these fun Rice Krispies pumpkins and stuff them with your favorite candy in the middle. (GET THE RECIPE)

halloween bark

Halloween Bark

Make this quick and easy festive bark, with eyeballs that stare back at you, in only 10 minutes! (GET THE RECIPE)

peanut butter cup spider cookies

Halloween Spider Cookies

Make this quick and easy festive bark, with eyeballs that stare back at you, in only 10 minutes! (GET THE RECIPE)

rice krispies brains on a plate

Rice Krispies Brains

No bake, perfectly chewy and delicious, and frightfully spooky! (GET THE RECIPE)

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