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I’m trying something new here at Fresh April Flours.

Over the last couple of years, pretty much since I had my first son (pictured above), I’ve found myself increasingly interested in the non-recipe posts that some of the bloggers I follow regularly post. Some do them weekly, some do them a little more sporadically, but I found myself gravitating toward them more than I ever did in previous years.

And I realized it’s because those bloggers turned into moms, and I was starting to relate to them much more than ever before. And I love it.

So here’s this new thing I’m doing… Follow along if you’d like, skip it, whatever. I’m labeling this category “Extra Batter” because, well, that’s metaphorically what it is!

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Another reason I’m starting to share a little more of the personal side of this job of mine is because…

•I’m at the tail end of a small rebranding! Nothing too huge– I’m keeping the same blog name, but I’m gearing up to redesign the website and I’ve got a brand new logo I can’t wait to unveil to you. I started this blog 5 years ago when Matt and I had only been married for a little less than a year. And now we have 2 kids. And he owns a business. And this blog is my side business. LIFE IS WAY DIFFERENT. And the blog kind of evolved into more specific of a niche. So… Just a little overhaul! That being said: is there anything you’d like to see in the new layout of the blog? I’m open to suggestions from YOU!

•At the end of January, our younger son weaned himself completely from nursing. If you’ve been around for awhile, you know that I breastfed our first until he was just under a year old. And that was MY decision (I felt really done). Back in November, Jonny decided he was done with daytime AND nighttime nursing all at once (he was 6.5m old), after which he started sleeping all night consistently (!!), so I continued to pump a little and we nursed just at bedtime. He lasted 2 more months nursing just at bedtime before he decided he was completely done. I always heard of these babies who self-weaned, but I wasn’t sure what that looked like– Jonny’s included extreme fussiness and refusals at feeding times, nursing for only a few sucks before pulling off and crying, and then resorting to extreme biting. If you had a self-weaner, what did that look like for you?

•Jonny weaned on a Monday, and by that Friday, I was at our cousin’s tattoo shop getting my commemorative tattoo (hello, ink therapy!). I got Joey’s tattoo when he was 14m old, so I was very done nursing. I didn’t know I couldn’t get a tattoo while still nursing until I showed up at our tattoo appointment in October. Thankfully, Matt could still get his done. I got an artsy bull (Taurus) on my outer wrist. Joey calls it a cow (LOL).

•Speaking of Joey, Matt compiled this video of Joey helping me make this month’s Bread of The Month (Mardi Gras King Cake). It’s about 3 minutes long, but if you’re interested in some of the craziness that is baking with a toddler or seeing what I let him do, have a watch! For reference, he is 2.5 years old and we’ve been working together on baking since the Christmas season. Also, never mind the green on his forehead– that is the finishing up of a big bruise from a big bonk!

YouTube video

•A couple weeks ago, Matt and I finished watching The Office. Neither of us had seen it the whole way through, so we watched several episodes a week for a few months. We loved it! Have you watched it? Any other classics we should watch? We’ve seen Friends about a billion times through, HIMYM twice… What else? 

•I sneak peeked these guys on my Insta story the weekend I made them, but they’re coming to the blog next week, just in time for St. Paddy’s Day!

•Have you seen my collection of St. Paddy’s Day recipes? Right this way for all of them!

•Are you thinking about Easter yet? I’m out of town this coming weekend, but when I get back, I have some Easter treats on the menu to be on the blog in time for your celebration! In the meantime, here’s my favorite Easter bread and my favorite way to eat Peeps.

•So I’ll finish with… Team Peeps or Team No Peeps? Which are you? I’m totally TEAM PEEPS.

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  1. Such a fun change in content- it’s nice to spice it up every once in a while! Excited to see what your rebranding looks like, but until then I would highly recommend getting hooked on The Good Place. 30 minute episodes and they are just the best!

  2. Aw love this Lynn! I’m excited about your website redesign. I really need to do one but it seems so scary and overwhelming. Life certainly does change over time but love to see that baking is still one of your true loves! Look forward to more of your Extra Batter series! 🙂

  3. Absolutely Team Peeps!! I love your recipes and look forward to your extra batter. The only show that I must watch before my husband annoys me to clear off of the DVR is General Hospital, please don’t laugh too hard! Amazing wardrobes, beautiful people, they’re always at a party or cocktail hour, and a serial killer…you know kids really shouldn’t be watching this with Moms.

  4. I read this the other day and didn’t get a chance to comment, I love these types of posts. To me it gives me more a real connection to the blogger, We love to watch Big Bang Theory, That 70’s Show or old reruns of Home Improvement. It was on when i was a kid and still laugh like its the first time I’m watching it. I can’t wait to see the redesign, I can’t imagine the undertaking it must be, along with your actual job and a family to take care of.

    1. Ohhh, Home Improvement! That’s a good one to consider! Thanks for the recommendation, Courtney. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post 🙂