These are my very favorite tools for cookie baking that help me get beautiful, consistent results every single time I bake cookies. 

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Though I encourage all of my bakers to use a digital scale in all of their baking, I find that cookies are the most sensitive to inexact measurements (compared to other baked goods) and accurately measured ingredients are the biggest point of troubleshooting when someone tells me a cookie recipe didn’t work out. 

I also get a lot of questions about the surface I prefer to bake on, and it is without a doubt silicone baking mats. I very rarely use parchment (except in the case of one of my cookie recipes that works best with parchment for some reason).

Not only does using baking mats cut down on waste since you’re not throwing away parchment paper after every bake, they also protect your baking sheets and rarely do my baking sheets need to be washed after use.

A digital kitchen scale of any kind will do. Silicone baking mats cut down on waste and help keep baking sheets clean.

In order to keep my cookies uniform and to insure my readers get the most consistent results aligned with the temperatures and times suggested in my recipes, I encourage the use of a standard size cookie scoop.

I always use a #50 (which refers to the scoop size), and most scoops considered “standard” are #40 (slightly larger) and #60 (slightly smaller). I highly recommend using one of these sizes and sticking to it in order to get the most consistent results across all of your cookie baking.

I have one cookie recipe specifically written to produce mini cookies (mini sugar cookies with sprinkles), but you can really turn any cookie recipe into mini cookies (though I do suggest switching to mini chocolate chips vs standard chocolate chips if you’re baking a cookie with chips in it) by simply using a mini cookie scoop. I use a #110 for mine.

The advantage to using a cookie scoop is not just for consistency of results, but you keep your hands and your workspace cleaner!

A #50 cookie scoop (a little more than 1 Tablespoon of cookie dough) is my favorite size for standard cookies. A #110 mini cookie scoop (about half of a Tablespoon) is my favorite size for mini cookies.